Our nation was founded by the use of such phrases as: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, “Equal Justice Under Law”, “Government of the People, for the People, and by the People”. Our founding fathers developed those phrases in their attempt to create a government that respected human freedom and human rights. During the formation of our nation, they knew that in a truly free nation, there would by default lurk the possibility of the nation being destroyed from within by using the very freedoms that were the bedrock of the formation of the nation. They understood that with a representative government, the citizens are free to elect anyone, regardless if their intentions were to adhere to the values under which the nation was founded, or disregard those values. Realizing they could not prevent that from happening, they included checks and balances in our Constitution, but those remedies can only be utilized by a concerted effort of the governed.

With an objective view, it can be realized that since the middle of last century our nation has taken a turn toward an avenue that could well lead to the very destruction our founding fathers envisioned possible. We must remember that the remedies in our Constitution to prevent this only work when they are used. If the negative direction is not reversed, the nation we were given will no longer exist. It will not disappear, it will simply be something very different from how it was created, and that will be the loss of something that may never exist again. There are no more uninhabited lands where a new nation can be formed, as there was when our founding fathers sought freedom – natural freedom, religious freedom, human freedom. Those freedoms were created for us with the blood of those who died for the values that founded our nation. We should not let those values and freedoms be taken because of apathy.