This site was developed as an avenue for a regular citizen to express his dissatisfaction with the way our nation has evolved in recent years. Born in 1943, the administrator of this site grew up in a world that still held to the values our founding fathers enshrined in the documents used to form our nation. That period was also a time when the curriculum in public schools included a civics class as well as a history class that covered the history of our nation. Our nation was formed by individuals that coalesced into one body to arrive at a Constitution that provided the most free nation they could conceive. It was not perfect, it did not satisfy everyone, but it did create a nation with the freedoms that prevented the will of one individual or group from imposing their will on another individual or group. While our nation was formed by individuals from different nations, there was a universal attitude developed that they became Americans. The success of our nation has provided an example to the world that has led millions to immigrate here and start a new life as an American. They did that because of the values, principles, and freedom our founding father used to form our nation. The future success of our nation depends on those values and principles being maintained. It appears those values and principles are no longer being adhered to, and if that continues, the fears our founding fathers had regarding the destruction of our nation could be realized. We must not let that happen from apathy. Our nation is worth protecting and preserving.

Jerry Caskey Administrator