Forget The Word “Holiday” – The Word Is “Christmas”

History is a great teacher, unless you are a Socialist/Leftest/Obamaite. In their case, history is a living breathing thing that can – no SHOULD – be changed with the times. At this time of the year the “Holiday” folks crawl out of their dark hole and try there best to wipe the word “Christmas” out of the vocabulary. Of course Christmas is a celebration that is primarily a Christian belief , and that is the one religion the Socialist/Leftest/Obamaites seem Hell bent on destroying because it isn’t “inclusive”. In other words, the clowns that demand we all be “inclusive” doesn’t want to “include” Christmas.

Our nation was founded on Christian principles and it can be seen within every document generated by the founding fathers. One of the principles of Christianity is “treat others the way you want to be treated”. The vast majority of religions operate on the same principle, except of the fanatical Islamic Terrorist who operate on the principle of “In the name of my God I kill you”. But that is the subject for another rant of mine.

My point here is very simple. It is well document and accepted that the first Christmas was celebrated in the year 336. That’s right folks, there are just three digits. So Christmas has been celebrated for 1,679 years, and the damn Socialist/Leftest/ Obamaitse have decided that it is the wrong thing to do.

Like I said, the Socialist/leftest/Obamaites know what is best for everyone, and by God they will either get their way or they will whine and cry for decades until they get their way. That’s just how they operate, and folks need to wake up and tell them to either shut up or go some where else. We believe in all freedoms, not the freedoms we are only “allowed” to have as dictated by someone else.


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