The Liberal/Socialist/Democrat Party Word Game Is Working

Kathryn Steinle was killed Wednesday evening at Pier 14 in San Francisco, which is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the city. Police said Thursday they arrested Francisco Sanchez in the shooting an hour after it occurred. In news reports all over the Liberal/Socialist/Democrat news media, Mr. Sanchez is repeatedly referred to as an “undocumented Immigrant”.

The complete BULLSHIT of the Liberals/Socialists/Democrats should be easy for everyone to spot. To begin with, the man is well “documented” He has 7 felony convictions and has been deported 5 times. The second point is that he is not an “immigrant”. You can not be an immigrant until you immigrate, and you can not immigrate until you follow the current law we have that covers immigration. Yes, we have an immigration law. It was written by Congress and signed by a previous President. Mr. Sanchez has not availed himself of the legal immigration process to become an immigrant. He prefers to simply stroll across our southern border and do as he damn well pleases – including murdering US citizens.

The Liberal/Socialist/Democrat party has taken word art to the absolute zenith of perfection. First Sanchez was an “illegal”. A few years later it became an “illegal alien”. A few more years and you have “illegal immigrant”, followed the now commonly accepted “undocumented immigrant”. They now have a phrase that sort of sounds proper, and they then go about the nation destroying anyone who says anything against these poor undocumented immigrants. Of course there is that pesky Law we have that covers immigration, but that got wiped away several years ago when the Liberal/Socialist/Democrat party started spreading the word that the law was “broken”, and since it is “broken” it can not be followed.

We are now a nation of laws that may or may not be followed. We also have made up rules that now carry the same weight as laws. The Liberal/Socialist/.Democrat party preaches how they are the party of “understanding” and “tolerance”. Anyone noticed how understanding and tolerant they are toward Donald Trump, who had the balls to say something about the illegal murders, rapist, thieves, and drug dealers the Liberal/Socialist/Democrat party is trying like hell to get in the country so they can get their vote?


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