The Supreme Court Ruling Can Make Us Millions

I would be interested in having a male partner join me in making some easy money. All we have to do is act as if we are gay and start hunting for flowerets and bakeries who will not cater our “wedding” because of religious beliefs. A lesbian couple in Oregon was just awarded $139,000.00 because a bakery refused to cater their wedding. The award was for emotional distress. Amazing how money can make your emotions get all warm and fuzzy again.

You have to admins this is a fool proof idea that can make us a lot of money. After all, the US Supreme Court has just ruled that same sex folks have the same rights as “normal” folks. I realize you will ask how we can prove we are gay, and thank God (oops) there is a politically correct answer that will be accepted. The Liberal/Socialist/Democrat party has now gotten a majority of citizens to accept that there is a group of folks who must be considered special. The Lesbians, the Gays, the Bisexual gang, and the Transgender folks. They are known as the LGBT (I guess “pedophile” will be added in the near future, as it is also just based on “love” as opposed to morals). All we have to do is say that on the day we approached the florist or the baker that we “felt” gay. That’s how a trans-gender person operates. you can be anything you want on any given day. It doesn’t matter what sex organ you were born with. The Liberal/Socialist/Democrat believe they must honor whatever you say.

Of course we would never have to actually get married, we just have to complain about our emotional distress and how it affected us so much that we have to part company. Just think of the sheer number of places we could sue. We could make millions, and thank our US Supreme Court for making it all possible.


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